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Memory Booster is a maintenance tool for Android that allows you to have your cell phones and tablets in good working condition over a longer period time. It is designed to help users resolve memory management problems and repair memory leaks through memory defragmention.

Memory Booster's main objectives are to free memory on your Android, enhance system speed and save energy. In order to achieve these, you have to access an options menu where you can choose if you want to add apps to the Whitelist, or to close an app that is using too much memory.

One of the most interesting options from Memory Booster is optimization with just a single click. Thanks to this option, users that are less interested in the ins and outs of their terminal can improve their terminal's performance in just 2 seconds. One touch and you're done.

Memory Booster is a good optimization tool that is easy to use and offers a simple and pleasant interface that any user can feel comfortable using.